Another greay gay pornstar story

Retribution Part 2 starts where the first part in the series ended – there is a bar scene and Travis James spies Topher Dimaggio as he enters the room. This second installment from Drill My Hole is a tantalizing treat of flashbacks and present day hard core porn. In Retribution Part 1 we learn that Topher is seeking revenge and we still don’t know against who, or what the reason for this revenge is.

This scene starts when Travis spies Topher and then takes off running into the forest. Topher takes chase and finally catches up to Travis. There is a bit of discussion here, and we learn what could be the driving factor behind Topher’s desire to seek revenge. (You will have to watch the video yourself to find out what they talked about.)

The scene changes and we see Travis and Topher remembering how things were before they broke up. They are in the same forest, chasing each other, only this time when they catch each other they embrace with a passionate kiss. Right there in the forest our two hunks decide they need each other – this very minute. Travis soon has his head buried between Topher’s legs as he sucks on Topher’s hard nut sack. Topher, meanwhile, is working on getting his own dick nice and hard. Topher’s neatly trimmed blonde pubes are just barely noticed as his cut cocks stand proud and tall. Travis is delighted as he takes it into his mouth and sucks and slurps his way up and down the hard shaft. The forest echos the sounds of their grunts, gasps, and moans of pleasure… and then the two guys swap positions.

Dimaggio now has Travis’ eight inch uncut monster down his throat before we can count to three. The blow-job scenes just go on and on. Suddenly, the scene is indoors and Travis is super busy rimming Topher’s tight asshole. When he spreads Topher’s ass cheeks and puts his pointed tongue deep in Topher’s sensitive asshole, Topher can’t help but let out a loud moan of pleasure. Topher is ready and he lowers himself on Travis’ hard cock, letting all eight inches slide deep within his ass. The noise grows louder as Travis pumps Topher’s ass over and over. In minutes both guys are squirting their jizz all over each other.

Then the scene cuts back to present day: both guys, after reliving that memory, begin to kiss. Suddenly, there is another guy on the scene, and he does not look the least bit happy at what is going on.

What is going on? Who is this mysterious stranger? Is he a part of this retribution? We shall have to wait and see if Drill My Hole comes out with a Retribution Part 3.

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